May 19, 2020

FAQs: Deck Coating-Re-Coat Times, Project Conditions, and When to Re-Open to Service

For our second blog post of May 2020, we would like to dive into some of the general frequently asked questions we receive on a regular basis about our three product lines: architectural sealants, traffic coatings, and air, vapor, and water barrier systems. Our first inquiry will focus on traffic coatings. The question is, when working with a traffic/deck coating, what are the recoat times between each layer of coating, how do I better control the timing between each coat, project conditions, and when can I open back up for service?

Recoat time refers to the appropriate time to apply the next or an additional coat to a freshly applied traffic/deck coating layer. Recoat times will ultimately vary depending on traffic coating chemistry and environmental conditions associated with the project. There are many traffic coating companies out there who produce products using various chemistries such as, polyurethane, epoxy, etc. Our Pecora-Deck Deck Coatings were developed using a polyurethane chemistry. The general rule of thumb for polyurethane coatings in particular, is to wait until the coating is “firm but tacky.” When working with a traffic coating of any chemistry, request a copy of the datasheet to review the recommended timing between coating layers.

The term “open to service” refers to placing the structure where the traffic coating was applied, back into use. This could simply mean opening a pool deck to pedestrian traffic or opening a parking garage to vehicular traffic. The goal would be for the coating to reach very close to a full cure or full physical properties development. For instance, each layer of our Pecora-Deck 800 system takes approximately 24-48 hours to fully cure. Again, the easiest answer as to when to open back up for service is that each system will vary depending on chemistry as well as environmental conditions. For specific information on our Pecora-Deck Traffic Coating offerings, please visit our website at, contact our Technical Services department at, or contact your local Sales Representative.


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