January 17, 2019

Introducing Pecora XL-Perm Ultra NP

We are excited to announce the release of the newest addition to our Air, Vapor, and Water Barrier System, the Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA NP.
This is the only non-permeable STPU (Silyl Terminated Polyurethane) liquid applied air barrier in our industry. The STPU chemistry allows for enhanced compatibility with a diverse selection of wall components. The NP is applied to exterior wall assemblies where it is used to control the movement of air, vapor, and moisture within the building envelope.
Applied in a single coat for major cost savings, this durable elastomeric weatherproofing membrane provides two to three times the coverage of other fluid applied products. Other advantages of this product include: washout resistance, UV & water resistance, and low VOC.
Please contact our Technical Services department or your Pecora sales representative for more information.


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