May 17, 2021

Pecora Non-Staining Technology Silicones vs. The Competition


Surface staining and residue run down are more than cosmetic problems. When discoloration appears, it has a negative impact on how owners, tenants, and visitors feel about the overall quality of a structure. This shift in perception can have an adverse effect on the reputation of construction and maintenance partners. This is a real problem because the hardest thing to build is a strong reputation.

The issue of staining and residue rundown is primarily discussed in regard to porous substrates such as natural stone, precast concrete panels, masonry, wood, vinyl, and other plastics. But why is the staining of non-porous substrates not talked about as much? Are typical “non-staining” silicone products not designed to combat non-porous substates as well? Are porous substrates more important? Is it because testing needs to be conducted in order to ensure staining and residue rundown will not occur? Why go through all of those additional testing steps when there are actual silicone sealant that have been independently tested with a proven history of successful performance and longevity? Pecora has these products in their Non-Staining Technology (NST) Silicone Sealants. We aren’t saying testing isn’t important, quite the contrary. We have already placed our products, through rigorous testing to ensure they achieve optimal performance. We are confident that our NST silicones will not stain porous AND non-porous substrates such as glass and leave unsightly residue rundown effecting reputations, repair costs, and the overall quality of the building. If you are still unsure and would rather perform further substrate testing, our Technical Service Department is always eager and ready to provide peace of mind of our consumers.

We believe the best way to manage staining and residual rundown is to eliminate them before they happen. What separates Pecora from the competition when it comes to non-staining silicones is the end result. Pecora’s NST Silicone sealants are formulated to eliminate the free silicone fluid molecules which migrate into substrates, run down the face of the building and cause unsightly staining. This can be very expensive to remove and creates other problems. This unique formulation maintains the sealant flexibility necessary to accommodate a building’s constant movement. Even the most expensive technology or façade substrates are safe because the root cause of the staining problem has been completely eliminated.

Pecora is proud to be the first and only sealant manufacturer to offer a full and complete line of non-staining siliconepecora construction products. Pecora offers a comprehensive non-staining line with varying levels of modulus: ultra-low (890NST, 890FTS, & 890FTS-TXTR), low (864NST), and medium (895NST). Offering our customers a wide variety of products ensures they will find a high-performance solution for their specific project needs. To learn more about our specific non-staining silicone products, or to contact our Technical Service Department, please visit our website at


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