June 30, 2020

Project Spotlight: 1901 L Street, Washington, D.C.

Known as one of the best intersections in the Central Business District (CBD), the office building at 1901 L Street is the most prominent and hot commodity among real estate in downtown Washington, D.C. According to The Meridian Group, “The property is within two blocks of four metro lines…boasts extra wide, pedestrian friendly sidewalks and is known as the CBD’s “Restaurant Row,” featuring the largest concentration of fast casual restaurants and eateries with outdoor seating downtown.”

After the building was bought by The Meridian Group in early 2017, Fox Architects of Washington D.C. were hired to completely redesign and transform the structure into an original, modern, Class A office building. Grunley Construction of Rockville, Maryland were appointed as the general contractor of the project. They began by demolishing the building down to the existing concrete structure. While the existing façade was being demolished, GPR, Inc, a glass and glazing company located in Sterling, Virginia, were fabricating the various windows to be erected on the facade facing the intersection of 19th and L streets. GPR, Inc. used our 896FC for in-shop fabrication for the glazing of the windows for the project. The 896FC is a high-performance silicone window and door sealant used as a primary bedding compound and seam sealer for glass. One of the greatest features of the 896FC is the fast through-cure which enables the manufacturer to increase productivity by reducing the holding period and resulting in faster shipment of finished units. Contractors were able to stay on time and budget using our 896FC for the shop glazing of the window units.

Once the windows were pre-fabricated and installed, GPR, Inc. applied our 890NST around the perimeter of doors and windows of the building. The 890NST is a non-staining, ultra-low modulus silicone sealant primarily designed for sealing expansion and control joints, and the perimeter sealing of doors and windows. Contractors chose the 890NST due to its strong adhesion to most building materials, exceptional performance under dynamic conditions, and that it can accommodate long-term movement of +100/-50%. Pecora’s 890NST is also the first installment of the industry’s first complete line of non-staining silicone sealants. The non-staining properties effectively eliminate the possibility of staining and residue rundown while increasing adhesion and reducing dirt pick-up.

A sheet membrane air barrier was originally specified to safeguard the exterior walls of the 1901 L Street building. After careful consideration of weather, ease of application, and material transitions, both Grunley and the applicator, Capitol Insulation decided to use a fluid applied air barrier. The ability to apply the air barrier in multiple weather conditions was a major factor. From cold weather to hot, it needed to resist washout from rainfall and be applied to damp substrates. Construction began in 2017 and would not be completed until 2020. Because the project was a gut job, the building required all new mechanical systems and skin. The transitions from new construction to the existing structure were complex and a fluid applied material provided assurance of a monolithic, seamless barrier across these areas. Since Pecora was already specified and applied to various portions of the project, we submitted our XL-Perm ULTRA VP because it fit the bill and accomplished all of the requirements the general contractor and applicator were looking for in a fluid applied air barrier. Our XL-Perm ULTRA VP is a fluid applied, permeable STPU vapor retarding water resistive air barrier. Applied in a single coat, this durable elastomeric weatherproofing membrane provides two to three times the coverage of other fluid applied products. It also has excellent elastic and crack bridging capabilities contributing to a seamless durable airtight building envelope.

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