December 02, 2020

Solvent-Based Polyurethane Deck Coating Systems & Chemical Resistance

Pecora Corporation offers a complete line of coating systems to protect surfaces, your investment, and your reputation. Our product offerings include a pedestrian coating system, vehicular coating system, high build coating system, re-coat system, self-priming additive, traffic sealants, concrete repair products, and water repellents. Our Pecora-Deck waterproofing coatings prevent the degradation that occurs when water infiltrates traffic bearing surfaces while maintaining an attractive architectural appeal. These coatings reduce concrete deterioration from freeze-thaw damage, chloride-induced corrosion, and cement paste deterioration. Preventing water and chloride infiltration is vital to the longevity of your structure. Utilizing the full line of Pecora traffic coatings protects and extends the life of concrete, plywood, and other wearing surfaces.

Pecora-Deck traffic coatings are often applied to a wide range of locations such as, parking garages, balconies, walkways, pool decks, staircases, loading docks, stadiums, courtyards, airports, mechanical rooms, water treatment facilities, fire stations, etc. In several of these locations, our coatings are exposed to incidental chemical contact. Pecora-Deck coating systems are resistant to many of these commonly encountered chemicals. These products are not recommended for fluid containment, fountains, or ponding water applications. They are also not recommended for chemical processing areas where there may be long term exposure to aromatic oxygenated or chlorinated solvents and/or concentrated acids or bases.

Below is a list we have complied of commonly encountered chemicals and their compatibility with our Pecora-Deck coating systems. Any coating system can stain if not properly maintained. We recommend washing on a regular schedule to remove dirt, oils, and other debris that may damage the coating. Spills of unknown chemicals should be cleaned up immediately.

For more information, deck coating application recommendations, or if you are in need of a deck coating system for you project that requires chemical resistance, we urge you to contact our Pecora Corporation Technical Services Group. Our expert team is highly qualified to recommend the proper solution and perform compatibility and stain testing between Pecora’s products and jobsite samples. Our Technical Services staff offers training in product technology and use, provides the technical assistance you require in the planning and implementation of your project. They can be reached by email or by phone (800)-523-6688.


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