January 26, 2022

Spray Application Standard Operating Procedures of XL-Perm ULTRA VP

Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA VP is a high solids, low mil, STPU based fluid applied coating for use on a variety of common building components. Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA VP may be spray applied from a variety of electric and gas-powered airless sprayers. Below are the standard operating procedures for spraying, purging and cleaning the airless spray equipment.


  1. Start with clean pump, hose, gun and RAC tip.
  2. REMOVE SCREENS PRIOR TO SPRAYING. Screens are typically located in spray gun handle and pump manifold.
  3. Open pail or drum and inspect for surface skins. If present, remove skins with a strainer.
    1. In order to prevent the coating from skinning in the open container during application (when not using a hopper), an approved solvent (see below) may be poured over the material resulting in a protective layer of solvent. A thin layer (1/8”) will typically suffice. Solvent should be added after the inlet suction tube in placed into the open container.
  4. Prime the pump and components with the RAC tip removed. Release the trigger once a steady stream of material is observed.
  5. Insert RAC tip with arrow facing rear and spray a steady stream to clear the nozzle of any contaminants. a. It may be necessary to zero out the pressure adjustment knob and turn it back to the desired pressure in order to prepare the pump for spraying.
  6. Rotate RAC tip 180° with arrow front facing to initiate “fan” spray. Pull trigger to commence spraying. a. If necessary, repeat the spray tip purging by rotating the tip 180° (arrow rear facing) to clear any contaminants.



  1. Turn pump off and reduce pressure to zero.
  2. Remove pump siphon from pail OR if using a hopper, disconnect the hopper hose and insert cap to seal hopper.
  3. Insert pump siphon/hose into five-gallon pail of approved solvent.
  4. Remove RAC tip from gun.
  5. Turn on pump and set to “Prime” position. Flush pump into an approved solvent container.
  6. Switch knob to “Spray” position.
  7. Depress trigger on gun to continue the solvent flushing procedure of the hose and gun.
  8. Place RAC tip back into gun.
  9. Depress trigger to spray material. Switch tip back and forth 180° to clean and clear tip.
  10. Switch pump to ‘Prime” and reduce pressure to zero.
  11. Remove gun from hose and place cap on end of hose.
  12. Increase pressure slightly to charge the line to ~700-800 PSI and turn off pump until next use.



  1. Turn on pump and place siphon/hose into pail of approved solvent.
  2. Run solvent through pump and line without gun attached to remove any contaminants.
  3. Remove siphon/hose from solvent container. Place siphon into pail or reconnect hopper with air barrier coating.
  4. Place pump in “Prime” position and prime pump.
  5. Reattach gun and set pump to “Spray” position.
  6. Begin spraying per Pecora’s guidelines regarding coverage rate and wet mil thickness.


Recommended Solvents for Purging & Cleaning

Note: Pumps and components should be purged prior to and after spraying the coating. Purging is required at the end of each workday. Do not allow the coating to dwell in the pump and components for extended periods of time. During any breaks in the workday, it is good practice to protect the spray guns and open pails/drums from ambient moisture by wrapping the spray gun and temporarily sealing any open containers.

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