March 31, 2020

Springtime Temperature Swings

Spring has sprung! Across the country spring has finally arrived and with it the construction season will be gearing up and, in some cases, it is already in full swing. With daytime temperatures on the rise, construction professionals but more specifically sealant applicators, should be aware of falling evening and nighttime temperatures.

Spring and fall can bring with them significant temperature swings in any given 24-hour period. Both ambient and surface temperatures can vary by as much as 75°F. With temperature swings like this, construction materials can experience considerable thermal movement. For sealant applicators, this means substantial joint movement during the initial curing cycle. This issue can lead to a number of conditions which can range from a simple nuisance, to a full-blown cut out and re-caulk. Sealant wrinkling and cracking can occur when just the right, or wrong combination of sealant type, substrate, and environmental conditions exist. Generally speaking, slower curing sealant installed late in the afternoon under low humidity, on a south facing elevation and in metal panel joints, are the most susceptible. Make sure the sealant you are using has an acceptable skin over or cure profile. Skin times greater than 30-40 minutes at 50% humidity coupled with adverse conditions stated earlier, could potentially present unacceptable sealant appearance the day after. For more information on solutions or advise on any questions related to sealant application, please contact our Technical Service Department who are available 24/7 for your convenience at (800) 523-6688.


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