February 08, 2022

We’re Here – Roy Cannon

For over 30 years, Roy Cannon has been instrumental in the development, integrity, and guidance of product expansion and customer assistance within Pecora. As the Director of Construction Materials Technology, Roy’s responsibilities include the Product Development Group, Color Lab, Quality Assurance, and the Technical Service Group. Because of supplier production setbacks and global shipping disruptions causing raw material shortages, Roy and his teams have had the difficult job of ensuring our manufacturing team can continue to produce products to meet customer demands. Contributing to Pecora’s goal of transparency and reinforcing customer confidence, we sat down with Roy to discuss some of the challenges his teams are facing and what they are doing to mitigate these issues.

Q: What challenges have you been experiencing within the R&D Department during these unprecedented times, and what are you doing to mitigate these issues?

Roy: Having the raw materials we need to manufacturer our products is one of the more pressing issues Pecora faced last year and into 2022. Our R&D Group has been working closely with procurement to alert us if and when a raw material is not going to be available for a while or not at all. Working closely with procurement, R&D conducts research to identify comparable and alternative raw material sources.

Q: What happens once you have identified a replacement component?

Roy: Once identified, samples for validation are acquired as quickly as possible. Raw material sources are then vetted from a product performance as well as a cost availability point of view. Once approved all related functions are brought into the loop to ensure a smooth transition is achieved along with continued quality and supply.

Q: How has communication been between R&D and other departments?

Roy: The most important thing is to ensure we have the confidence of not only the management team, but all of the functional groups interfacing with the technology team as well. We are a nimble and efficient technology driven organization and have leverages these same qualities in adjusting to the challenges in communication brought on by current social limitations.  One example if daily virtual functional group meetings which all team members have found to be both convenient and effective. It is my opinion that communication has actually improved due to changes that have been instituted in this current environment. The pandemic has provided the opportunity to discover new and better means of communication which serve us well now and will continue into the future.

I would add that the recent and current supply chain challenges have not deterred the Product Development Group’s efforts in continuing to seek out innovative solutions. We continue to work closely with our commercial team to keep the innovation pipeline flowing!


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