December 17, 2021

We’re Here

We know the last year has not been easy. There have been worldwide raw material shortages which have caused production setbacks, global shipping disruptions, and unforeseen environmental disasters. We also know that you are tired of dealing with the fallout related to these challenges. We are working around the clock to ensure that we are here for you by speaking with you directly when you need us, by continuing to manufacture the quality and innovative products you have come to expect, by shipping product as quickly as possible, by providing technical field support, by offering product and application training, and ensuring samples and literature are available as needed.

In the spirit of transparency and reinforcing confidence, we at Pecora want to update you on some of the efforts we are taking internally to mitigate these industry wide disruptions. We will be providing a series of posts highlighting the focused efforts of various functions within Pecora as they face the challenges currently present within the industry. Customers do business with brands they trust, and we would not have weathered the last 160 years if it werenโ€™t for the trust of our loyal customers and our dedicated staff.

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