What is Going On in Our Industry?

Last month, our hearts broke as we watched our southern states were affected by Winter Storm Uri. This area of the country is not equipped with the infrastructure, experience, or snow removal tools in order to handle such an impactful storm. Because of this, there were unprecedented outcomes such as loss of electricity, water, and heat. The Gulf Coast Region is where the majority of the raw materials for our industry are manufactured. Some of these plants have areas directly exposed to the elements, while others had equipment and sprinklers freeze, burst pipes, etc. Compounding this challenge is the impact to supply chain logistics. This includes both inbound and outbound freight which continues to face disruptions and volatile pricing spikes. While we have been working diligently to minimize the overall effect these factors present to our customer base, certain variables have proved impossible to overcome.

As we approach the anniversary mark of a year unlike any other, coupled with the spring construction season gearing up, we understand the frustration of not having the products you need for your project. Our management team is meeting daily to monitor and optimize production levels. Transparency is key and we are looking at this situation as a disruption that does not have a defined end but will not last forever. Please know, we at Pecora are working to make the least amount of disturbance for our customers as possible. The ride is going to be bumpy for a while, and we are determined to optimize operations and production efficiencies under these circumstances. Together as a team, we are resilient. If we were all able to handle this past year, we can handle anything.

These are very difficult circumstances for everyone in our industry and we thank you for your continued support and your cooperation as we navigate these issues. Our objective is to remain committed to proactive communication and transparency. If you have any additional questions, we urge you to reach out to your Regional Business Manager. They will have the most up-to-date information regarding this topic. To locate you’re your Regional Business Manager, please visit our website at https://pecoradev.gowiththrive.net/contact-us/.

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    This is a very good update..
    Thanks for posting this information..

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