June 07, 2023

A Look Into Pecora Contractor Silicone

Pecora offers a complete line of flexible, protective, silicone sealants, built on a relentless pursuit of perfection for the better part of 40 years. Our wide variety of silicone offerings address most project requirements, whether it’s a specific adhesion requirement, modulus, joint type, rheology, or cure speed, Pecora offers a solution.

Our expert team understands the many factors involved in choosing a silicone sealant—including thermal expansion and contraction, wind load, hygrothermal movement, and more—and can help you select the right sealant for extending the life and integrity of your building structure. Pecora’s innovative sealant solutions minimize costs from wasted product, stained substrates, or aged, failing sealant.

One of Pecora’s popular silicone sealants is Pecora Contractor Silicone (PCS). PCS is a one-part, neutral-cure, medium-modulus silicone sealant designed for moving joints in exterior window and door perimeters, concrete panels, curtain walls, and EIFS. PCS offers primerless adhesion to most building substrates and is 100% compatible for edge-contact to laminated and insulated glass units.

Product Advantages:

  • Primerless adhesion to most common building substrates.
  • Excellent weatherability: Because of its 100% silicone composition, it is virtually unaffected by UV, precipitation, ozone, and temperature extremes.
  • Resilient: Will remain flexible under extreme temperature conditions.
  • PCS Translucent silicone is 100% compatible for edge contact to laminated and insulated glass units.

PCS is packaged in 10.1 fl. oz. plastic cartridges, 20 oz sausages, and 2-gallon pails. The product comes in the following standard colors:

  • Window Bronze
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Aluminum Stone
  • Tru-White
  • Translucent
  • Limestone
  • Black
  • Sandstone


**Custom colors are available in 30-gallon minimum quantities.

If you would like to order color samples, please reach out to To learn more about this product, we urge you to visit our website or reach out to our Technical Service Department at


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