What is Going On in Our Industry?

Posted On : March 22, 2021

Last month, our hearts broke as we watched our southern states were affected by Winter Storm Uri. This area of the country is not equipped with the infrastructure, experience, or snow removal tools in order to handle such an impactful […]

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Why Measuring the Mil Thickness of Your Deck Coating is Important

Posted On : March 2, 2021

At Pecora, we truly believe that no matter that size of the project, one of the most important aspects of the job is quality control through application testing. At any level of application, proper testing methods ensure product success, structural […]

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Sealants Need Regular Maintenance to Ensure Optimal Performance

Posted On : February 17, 2021

One of the most critical components of the building envelope is the joint sealant, and inspection and maintenance of sealants are essential for optimum performance. Although the expense when compared to the total cost of construction is small, the results […]

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FAQS: What is the Difference Between Permeable and Non-Permeable Air Barriers?

Posted On : February 3, 2021

For this week’s blog post, we revisit our list of frequently asked questions. These are questions we receive on a regular basis from contractors, distributors, architects, consultants, etc. regarding our three product lines: architectural sealants, traffic coatings, and air, vapor, […]

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Project Spotlight: Florida International University

Posted On : January 18, 2021

Over the last decade, Pecora has worked to develop a quality, reliable, and comprehensive traffic coatings product line. Pecora-Deck Traffic Coating products work together to protect surfaces from excess traffic (whether pedestrian or vehicular), reduce concrete deterioration from freeze-thaw damage, […]

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Expansion and Control Joint Restoration Recommendations and Procedures

Posted On : January 6, 2021

Pecora has developed an extensive library of printed and online content that highlights various construction projects, discusses tips and tricks for working with products, and answering some of your burning questions about the industry. Previous Pecora blog posts have focused […]

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Application Guidelines for Installing XL-Perm (STPU) Hybrid Based Air, Vapor, & Water Resistive Barrier Coatings at Various Temperatures

Posted On : December 15, 2020

Pecora’s air, vapor, and water resistive barrier system consists of fully engineered and compatible products that work together to provide complete air, vapor, and weather barrier protection for your building envelope. Our products can be used together as a system […]

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Solvent-Based Polyurethane Deck Coating Systems & Chemical Resistance

Posted On : December 2, 2020

Pecora Corporation offers a complete line of coating systems to protect surfaces, your investment, and your reputation. Our product offerings include a pedestrian coating system, vehicular coating system, high build coating system, re-coat system, self-priming additive, traffic sealants, concrete repair […]

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Using Sealants in Expansion Joints Over 1″ Wide

Posted On : November 17, 2020

For our second blog post of November 2020, we explore the guidelines and recommendations for using sealants in expansion joints over 1” in width. Applying sealants in horizontal and vertical joints over 1” wide is not uncommon and can be […]

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Contractor Spotlight: Advanced Caulking Services & Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

Posted On : November 3, 2020

Known as one of the most recognizable houses in the world, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater has graced the covers and pages of Time and Life magazine and was featured in a traveling exhibition by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) […]

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