Pecora Joint Sealant Chemical Compatibility Cleaning Agents, Degreasers, & Detergents

Posted On : June 16, 2020

Last month Constructive Conversations discussed the necessary steps Pecora is taking to ensure a safe environment for employees, customers, distributors, and carriers. This included applying a 24-hour bacteria/virus disinfectant on all touchpoints throughout the offices and warehouse, and all common […]

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How to Plan for Unexpected Construction Shutdowns in the Future

Posted On : June 2, 2020

The world of building construction as we know it is changing. There are newly established guidelines and procedures just to enter a jobsite; workers are required to wear face masks and wash their hands on a regular basis; and everyone […]

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FAQs: Deck Coating-Re-Coat Times, Project Conditions, and When to Re-Open to Service

Posted On : May 19, 2020

For our second blog post of May 2020, we would like to dive into some of the general frequently asked questions we receive on a regular basis about our three product lines: architectural sealants, traffic coatings, and air, vapor, and […]

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What Will Our Businesses and Job Sites Look Like in the Future?

Posted On : May 5, 2020

In a time when everything feels uncertain, knowing that steps are being taken to re-open construction sites, businesses, and shipping will resume, helps to ease the stress and anxiety. The last few weeks have definitely put our jobs, families, and […]

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Thin mil vs. Thick mil Air Barrier Systems: Could Thin mil be a Better Choice?

Posted On : April 21, 2020

By: Tanzin Fatima, Pecora Corporation  Building designers across the U.S. would agree that it is crucial to select an appropriate weather (air, vapor, and water) resistant barrier (WRB) in accordance to the standard code, to prevent water infiltration and to […]

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Springtime Temperature Swings

Posted On : March 31, 2020

Spring has sprung! Across the country spring has finally arrived and with it the construction season will be gearing up and, in some cases, it is already in full swing. With daytime temperatures on the rise, construction professionals but more […]

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A Project Spotlight: The Barrel Yards

Posted On : March 17, 2020

For our second blog post of March 2020, we continue our discussion on field testing with a project spotlight of The Barrel Yards. The Barrel Yards is a new upscale residential living complex located in UpTown Waterloo, Ontario, Canada that […]

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Air Barrier Field Inspection and Test Procedures

Posted On : March 3, 2020

The purpose of the air barrier field inspection and test procedure is to measure the adhesive strength of a material to determine whether the installation has been completed properly. In this blog post, we will dive into the why the […]

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Silicone Sealants vs. Urethane Sealants, What’s Best for Your Building?

Posted On : February 18, 2020

Often times while working with architects and contractors, we receive questions regarding the differences between urethane-based and silicone-based sealants. Other than chemistry, the simplest difference is the warranties. A silicone-based sealant carries a longer-term warranty ranging from 10 to 20 […]

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Pecora Deck-Seal Press Release

Posted On : January 31, 2020

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